Winemaking in Georgia

The wine is like a chemical symphony, and if so, it needs a conductor who will make all the parts play correctly so that the wine tastes harmonious. The way to play these tunes-to constantly make great wine-requires an almost fanatical attention to the smallest details. This is how fanatical and attentive winemakers from Georgia are to their work.

And even in ancient times, Georgian winemakers realized that to get the best and most beautiful wine, it must be prepared and stored in clay vessels of a special shape.  These vessels exist now and are called Qvevri.

Now more and more young and talented winemakers contribute to the development of the industry. Experts from Europe and the United States come to Georgia and stop here to bring something new to the wine industry of the country. They know their soil, water, grapes and weather and do their job perfectly.Georgian winemakers are known for producing wine not only in the classical way, but also in the traditional Georgian method. Each winemaker has its own culture and philosophy, and the wine is laid sacred meaning.

We want to introduce you to the real Georgian winemakers.