Natural Amber, Wine set

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Georgia | Amber | Wine set | 0.75L
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Imereti, Kakheti, Racha
Tsitska, Tsolikouri, Krakhuna, Kisi, Rkatsiteli Eniseli
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Ambra, Tsolikouri

Ambra, Tsolikouri. Bright golden colour wine. In light enjoyable aromas is feeling of – pear, lemon zest, mango, white flowers and stone aromas. In taste wine is balanced and velvet. Feeling fruitiness of high mountain Tsolikouri makes wine so delicious. Acidity continues enjoyable with light balanced tannins. Despite the light body you can feel in palate rich gamma of aromas  – citrus, mango, pear jam. Wine has soft and long finish. Wine can be aged in the bottle next 4-5 years. Gastronomy: fried fish, fried sausages, salted cheese, grilled vegetables

Baias Wine, Tsitska Tsolikouri Krakhuna

Baia Wine, Tsitska Tsolikouri Krakhuna - dry white wine produced from a blend of grape varieties Tsitska, Tsolikouri, Krakhuna. Blend of three main white grape varieties from Western Georgia. The wine was fermented in Churi (Imeretian analogue of Qvevri). Transparent, light color with Golden shades and a range of colors of autumn foliage. Pronounced aroma of dried fruits, dried apricots, dried apples. Light citrus tones of apricot, quince, green melon. Light tannins structure the randomness of the wine. Mineralization balancing acidity, turning into a rounded aftertaste

DoReMi, Kisi

DoReMi, Kisi - bright amber color wine. In intense aroma there is sharply feeling of – apricot, quince, fig, red apple and sweet spices. Pleasant acidity creates effective complex with medium tannins. Full body and long finish gives us opportunity feel the aromas in palate which repeats with – apricot jam, quince, lychee. Wine can be aged in the bottle next 4-5 years. Gastronomy: baked turkey and chicken, spicy veal meat, mountain hard cheese

Makaridze, Tsitska

Makaridze, Tsitska - Deep orange color wine, in which’s intense aromas it feels – white flowers, bergamot, lime zest, grapefruit, white stones. High acidity and enjoyable light tannins creates great balance. Rich gamma of aromas complexly repeats in palate with – citrus and floral notes. light body with complex effects, gives finish opportunity to last long. Wine can be aged in the bottle next  2-3 years. Gastronomy: chicken in berry sauce, georgian khachapuri, baked trout, spiced cheeses

Solomone, Tsitska Tsolikouri Krakhuna

Solomone, Tsitska Tsolikouri Krakhuna - bright golden color wine. In a first aromas it feels – green apple, white plum, apricot which continues with – sweet spiciness. Velvet acidity and light tannins creates amazing effect medium body. Soft structure of wine and complex aromas in which repeats  – white stone fruit and sweet spicy aromas, makes finish more long and enjoyable. Wine can be aged in the  bottle next 2-3 years. Region: Imereti, Grape: 30% Tsitska, 30% Tsolikouri, 40% Krakhuna. Gastronomy: veal ribs with tarragon sauce, wild mushrooms with sea salt, grilled trout with spices, soft matured cheese

Jusos Wine, Rkatsiteli Eniseli

Jusos Wine, Rkatsiteli Eniseli - amber wine from Eniseli, one of the best examples of terroir wine from Kakheti. Nose is full of Rkatsiteli varietal aromas – peach, pear and sweet spices. Maturation of wine with skin contact was 6 months so you can feel medium acidity and medium tannins complex, with amazing taste of dry fruits and sweet spices. Pairs best with: spicy white meat, hard aged cheese

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Wine sets

We have prepared wine sets for you to taste. The combinations of wines in the sets are selected by sommeliers, each of…