Georgian Wine Shop

Georgia is sometimes referred to as the “cradle of winemaking”. And it’s no coincidence: this delightfully radiant country is the oldest habitat of grape-growing culture, as evidenced by numerous archaeological discoveries.

The history of wine production in Georgia, according to archaeologists, dates back some 8,000 years. Due to its diverse and unique microclimate, about 500 grape varieties grow in Georgia.

Interestingly, the technology of wine production in Kvevri has not changed much. There are several methods of wine production, one of them is the Kakheti method. If we compare the Kakheti method with the European method, which used only berry juice, we will find many differences that determine the final taste of the wine.

Especially for our customers and byers, we have selected the best alcoholic beverages from Georgia. Small production facilities, tiny or family-owned wineries produce a limited number of drinks and supply us with their best varieties and specimens. Classic reds, light whites, extraordinary amber wines, sparkling or strong spirits-all this you can easily find in the Loiswine catalog.