Cradle of winemaking

Georgia – Cradle of winemaking

March 20, 2022
"Cradle of winemaking" - this is the name of Georgia. This is a country where the original habitat of the vine culture is closely linked to the traditions of the local population and their way of life.

The history of local winemaking began with more than 8000 years ago. For the first time a strong drink from grapes appeared in Georgia, and then was borrowed by the inhabitants of Egypt and Greece. During the archaeological work, clay reservoirs (qvevri) dating from the Bronze Age were found. They contained grape seeds. Tools for the production of wine were also excavated-presses, crushers and bottles made of clay.

Wine is part of Georgian culture, national self-awareness and heritage. In folklore there are many masterpieces dedicated to the vine. In the modern world, wine still occupies an important place in Christian culture. According to history, Georgia adopted Christianity with a cross made of vines, which is the "tree of life". Wine is a symbol of life, without which this beautiful country could not exist.

How wine is produced in Georgia

Cradle of winemaking
Long fermentation and aging in qvevri is one of the technologies of wine production. It is used for both white and red varieties. Qvevri-a clay vessel with a shape resembling an ancient Greek amphora. The raw materials are placed in a tank, which is buried in the ground, and then the fermentation process begins. There the vessel is located for the entire period of exposure. In rare cases, qvevri are stored in cellars at a constant temperature.

There are three technologies of wine production:

- European - kachetyńska - imeretian

In addition, Mukuzani or Quareli wines from Saperavi grapes are also aged in oak barrels according to the original technology - this gives the drink a unique color and taste.

Wine is a unique drink, its taste and quality may vary, even if the raw materials were harvested in the same vineyard. Grapes are a rather capricious product that requires special treatment.

High-quality wine is a symbiosis of regular care of vineyards and careful work of the winemaker. All the actions that a person performs with grapes (fertilizing, pruning, etc.) Productivity plays an important role: the lower the yield, the better the quality of the grapes. Manual harvesting is better than automatic, because it allows you to collect the fruit selectively and accurately, less damaging the berries.

True Georgian wine has a bright bouquet, so any connoisseur can distinguish a real drink from a fake.

They often fake semi-sweet wines. They are more sought after and easier to fake, masking the taste with ordinary sugar.

The price of expensive wine is due to the small amount of raw materials and high production costs. To understand the original before you or a fake, pay attention to the name of the drink: it must correspond to the name of the known variety. If the label says Unknown or derivative names, it is not something you would like to put on the table for your loved ones.

Real Georgian wine of good quality can not be cheap.

Low price indicates the following violations:

1) space saving. Bottles should be placed on the shelves in a horizontal position, observing the specified temperature and humidity.
2) incorrect delivery. Wine from Georgia is exported to different countries. Violation of transportation will negatively affect the quality of the product-the drink loses its flavor along the way.
3) in Georgia shops sell tourist wine in ceramics. Such containers are not suitable for storing wine, because the material is porous, and the drink will quickly deteriorate or lose its original aroma and taste.

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