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Where does the Marani Zippza winery come from? It all started in the faculty of viticulture and winemaking in the Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. The idea of creating Zippzy was implemented in 2017. The inspiration for the name was ancient vines found in the village of Shulaveri in Qvemo Kartli of Georgia. Kartli is a region of classic wines, where the result of centuries of farming is a rich varietal range. The winemakers felt a desire to focus on the endemic species of Kartli, to get acquainted with them, to constantly observe them. The environment and ecology, the care of the vineyard, the control of production and storage in the basement and minimalism are of paramount importance for winemakers. To better understand the philosophy of Marani Zippz, you should try this wine only once. You will definitely go to the Mukhran hills, where, enjoying the aromas of white flowers and light warm winds of Georgia, the grapes grow on the lands of Marani Zippza.


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