Matrobela Wines

Matrobela Wines

Matrobela Wines Ltd was established in 2015 with a strong sense of responsibility and devotion to the centuries old Georgian tradition of wine making. A successful combination of the traditional methods and the best experience of modern wine making is an unbeatable motivation for the founders and managers of the company.

Matrobela Wines Ltd is located in Kisisxevi, a charming village near Telavi, a capital town of the wine region of Kakheti in the east of Georgia.

Matrobela Wines is committed to providing consumers with great tasting brands that are not only reasonably priced, but are the perfect choice for a daily enjoyment and special occasions. The company currently markets and sells a variety ordinary wines and premium vintages. The capacity of this winery is 50,000 litres plus 10,000 litres of the wine fermented and macerated in Qvevris (clay pots)

Most of the wine varieties are exported outside Georgia, adding to the company a global tint. Currently its main importers are Poland, Czech Republic and Great Britain. Over the few of years Matrobela Wines participated in various wine festivals in London, Krakow, Prague and Tokyo

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