Andronikashvili Marani

The Andronikashvili family is a maternity hospital from Byzantium. Andronikos I Komnenos was the emperor of Byzantium from 1105-1183, and during his exile from Constantinople he settled in Kakheti. His son, Alexios Komnenos (1170-1199), is the progenitor of the Andronikashvili noble family. Considered first-class grandchildren in the Kingdom of Kakheti, they held political, military and diplomatic posts in the Georgian court and had connections through marriage with the royal Bagrationi dynasty. Their estates were known as “Saandroniko” and consisted of several villages, including Akhasheni, Pkhoveli, Melani and Chalaubani. After the Russian annexation of Georgia in 1801, Andronikashvili was confirmed as a prince of the Russian Empire in 1826. Today, the Andronikashvili family is headed by Guram Andronikashvili (born 1933), who began the process of restoring the wine yards and the village. wine production. Since 2007, the family has been producing certified BIO wine and chacha. The wine-making path began with the acquisition of 0.5 hectares of vineyards in Akhasheni (Kakheti), and today the area of vineyards is about 7 hectares.


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