About Loiswine

Opening the doors to the world of Georgian wine


We are an importer and distributor of high-quality Georgian wines from proven autochthonous vineyards. Our team works with small family wineries that guarantee the uniqueness of their wines.

The Loiswine wine list was prepared by Tamaz Tamazashvili (Best Sommelier of Georgia 2018, Contest participant the Best Sommelier of the World 2019, Antwerp, Belgium, Gault & Millau Georgia: Sommelier of the year). We choose wine based on the principle that our customers and ourselves should like it. Through direct import, Loiswine controls the quality of products at all stages of transportation and storage.  We are personally familiar with the winemakers whose wines we sell.

Terroir vineyards, careful co-authorship with nature, manual harvesting, small harvests, philosophy, experiments and love. We are not interested in abstruse scientific reasoning and formulaic banal “factory” alcohol. We are interested in the author’s wine – centuries-old traditions, exceptional aromatics bouquets and unique authenticity. Our dream is to introduce the world to unique Georgian wines and the people who make them.